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My child is 2 years and doesn’t respond when i call him.

He doesn’t follow any instructions and does not say mama or dada. He will pull me to the kitchen or cry when hungry. Should i be concerned? Please fill the milestones screener for a quick screen and immediate recommendations.

Where can i find a speech therapist?

We have a list of speech therapists on the website. You can check the one closest to you and get their details for an appointment

Do you offer home services?

Unfortunately i do not offer this service at the moment.

My child has never had a hearing test but i know he/she can hear. Am i wrong?

Hearing and hearing loss can vary in severity and needs objective testing by a professional to rule it out as a possibility, especially when a child has delayed language skills.

I want to know more about communication development

I have a free milestone checklist to see if your child is on track. I also have various blogposts on developmental milestones.

How do i know if my child’s therapist is good enough?

All therapists are licensed by the Allied Health Professions Council. You can ask for your therapists licensing details to be sure that they are legitimate.

My child is 18 months and doesn’t say a lot of words. Should i be worried?

At 18 months, we like to observe and see while being proactive with some intervention. You can book a language facilitation strategy session to support your child while you observe and wait.

Will my child ever speak?

I cannot say yes or no to this question. Communication is a broad subject that includes gestures and other non-verbal options and therapy can help with this.

I have a baby, what things can i do to engage them to help with language development?

Read our blog post on ‘catch them young’ for more details on this. Alternatively, you can buy a virtual facilitation session to help you with practical activities for this.

Where can i find you for an appointment?

Please fill in the link in bio and we will folllow up with you.

Where can i get a hearing test done?

We have a list of audiology centers in our menu. Please check it out.

Still got questions?

Please contact us for more information.